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Monday, 7 October 2013

TB Joshua speaks on the issue of Boko Haram

Getting Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua to speak on pressing national issues came with its obstacles. But with persistence, Kehinde Oyetimi got the popular pastor to speak.

See what he said on Boko Haram and other issues below:
Ques: The nature of insecurity in Nigeria is bothering everyone. Many people have given various pieces of advice concerning this issue. Will Boko Haram not end in Nigeria?
Ans: We are fighting flesh and blood and not the spirit being that causes stealing, killing and destruction. Until we begin to fight that spirit being that causes killing, stealing and destruction, the battle will not end. Our neighbours are not our enemies. Remember that our neighbours can be our friends; our neighbours can be our enemies; our neighbours can be those who do not share the same faith with us. It is never the will of anyone to kill themselves because of anything unless there is the spirit to kill at work.
Ques: You prophesied that from February 27 to April, 2011 there would be serious challenges that would threaten the April 2011 election. You called on the President to intervene in the political crisis in Oyo state because the governor would not be able to represent him in winning the election in the state. You said the president should look beyond PDP for success in his election, that his personality would win the election.
You said the PDP would lose in Ekiti and Osun. You said God showed you that a group would attack people in the Northern part of the country, before and after Christmas in 2010. You predicted the bomb blasts in Abuja barracks and other states. These prophecies which you gave in September, 2010 to those in authority have all come to pass.
You also stated that prayers could avert them. You predicted the Dana plane crash which was published in February this year. How do you see these visions?
Ans: Romans 10 verse 9 states that “he that believes has eternal life.” By this statement, the believing means possessing. The instant that you believe, you have whatever you ask that is in accordance to the will of God. The instant that you believe that thing that is according to God’s will, it is yours. The instant you believe, you become a possessor of the father’s nature. It you confess with your mouth, if you believe in your heart that God has raised Jesus from the dead, in this way, there is a level of confession and believing. It is deep, deeper, deepest.
Everyone that believes has power to prophesy. The belief in our heart is released by faith. The belief to see visions is released by faith out of our mouth.
Ques: For many years people have argued that you have no biological child. But now, we hear your daughter graduated in Law from the London School of Economics with second class upper division. What do you have to say?
Ans: What do you want me to say?
Ques: Is she your biological daughter?
Ans: (Cuts in) She is my daughter. In fact she is my first daughter. She is my biological child. Those of you who say I have no child, we are yet to hear from your children.
Ques: There are so many pastors with big churches that have their children being involved in running the affairs of those places. Don’t you want your daughter to be involved in church activities? After her graduation, what is her next line of action?
Ans: Due to her excellent performance, she was given admission to study for her masters in International Law in New York University; she also got admission into LSE ( London School of Economics) and also to UCLA and other universities in Colombia for her masters.
Ques: You went to Jerusalem many years ago. After you returned, there have been miracles taking place in your church. What happened to you there?
Ans: I have been in the field of God’s work before that trip. I only went there to see where my father, Jesus Christ went, the things he touched.

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