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Thursday, 7 November 2019

Tips on Preparation For Any Examination | Digitalk World

At DIGITALK World, we've decided to provide you the various steps you can take to come out with an Outstanding result.

Considering these steps below will really help:

CREATE ENOUGH TIME TO STUDY: Avoid last minute studying, this is very dangerous because it increases examination pressure. Make sure to start studying months before the examination. Partial study is never the best way to study for and examination.

PRACTICE WITH PAST QUESTIONS: one of the most effective ways of preparing for an examination to get familiar with the way questions are set in the examination. This will go a long way in reducing examination pressure. This also helps to concentrate on certain topic areas. Also make sure to time yourself with the examination regular timing while answering past questions.

ILLUSTRATE YOUR ANSWERS TO OTHERS: During examination preparation, explain your views and the reason for your answers to other people. No body knows it all. Other people’s opinion also matters. Also ensure to engage people that have done same examination in discussion and ask relevant questions.

HAVE A STUDY GROUP: Having people to study with helps a lot, as it helps to familiarize more with the examination study. Sometimes discussion of the study sticks more than what is read personally. Be careful to be focused on the subject because it is easy to get distracted among your peers.

KNOW YOURSELF: It is very important to know when one is mostly active. Try out several times of the day to read, know if you assimilate more during daytime or night.

TAKE IT EASY ON YOURSELF: Make sure not to overwork your brain and ensure to take regular breaks. Studying for long hours is not so healthy for the brain. Sometimes stay away from the book and just reflect on what has been studied previously.

PLAN YOUR EXAM DAY: With timely and effective preparation exam pressure should be at 0% on the examination day. Be sure to do the following on exam day

Plan your route, so as to get to your destination on time
Ensure to get to your exam venue at least one hour before exam kicks off

Source: Nnuforum

At DIGITALK WORLD, We Celebrate you Greatly.

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