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Sunday 30 May 2021

The Pleasure in Pain-Episode 5 | Digitalk World


Got admitted into the University with so much Joy welling up Continually as I look forward to the

 period of resumption. All I had in mind was to attend lectures and work hard in Planning my study time and all that will be require for me to come out with a great result. 

Then i discovered that, atimes we neglect certain basic things that are relevant for what we intend to achieve even though they may seem not so important to us yet they are vital for our continuity in alertness and wellness.

Such is the place of Food to a man, I never thought deeply that I'll be cooking and doing some preparation in its line as a student. I did not intend to eat outside all through my schooling in the University. That made me to discover the areas I'm lacking when it comes to cooking and preparing a meal. 

I remember the first time I'll prepare a solid food like Semovita and Amala. Wow. It was amazing Ironically speaking. What about Egusi soup. lol.
And Okro Soup..Hahahaha..not to talk of Ewedu Soup... Jesus is Lord. 

The endurance to take the meal prepared out of ignorance validates the verse of the Bible that says "He that answers before listening, that is his folly and shame"(Proverbs 18:13). It pays to stay and Learn first before trying things out. 

I remember vividly how I'll spend Hours at my faculty leveraging on the school WiFi available after school hours to Download videos of  how to prepare different meal. I really enjoyed clips by Lola's Kitchen then. I'll download series of meals uploaded by her and watch them over and over again up until my phone was Stolen towards the end of my   200 Level Academic Session(will discuss on how it was stolen later on in the Episodal series). 

I learnt then How amazing the Internet can be in many years to come. Literally, their is nothing a man desires to learn that can't be found on the internet, if it's not there now, it will be Later on based on the Level of development in technology year after year. 

The pain in trying out before learning can be costly yet have its encoded lesson. This cut across every face of a man's living. Investment of Time is always rewarding in the end. I learnt the hard way but I'm grateful I can now prepare the meals that Ones tasted awful when prepared out of ignorance. 

I had another experience in the University.

Join me in the next episode as I Unveil to you "The Pleasure In Pain"

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