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Friday 3 September 2021

Top Best Websites to Learn Coding as a Beginner for Free | Digitalk World

The rate of development and technological advancement have made it important to gather not few but a large and indepth knowledge

 of Computer skills most expecially in relation to web development. At Digitalk World, we provide you top 10 Websites you can Learn coding from for Free and get Yourself on the road to success. 

You can take your pen and paper and note down this top websites:

 1. SOLO LEARN: You can take advantage of both the Web Version of the platform to Learn exciting development and computer skills that can pave way for you In the 21st century. You can download the App on your mobile.Click Here
 2. DASH: is another platform that provides you with opportunity to learn at your pace and gather first hand practice experience on Web skills.Click Here

 3. THE ODIN PROJECT: is an Open Source with Large number of contributors. Ready to provide wide range of skills and experience to learn From. Click Here

4. EXERCISM: is an open source for programming lessons and it provides opportunity to experience Mentorship for free. Click Here 

 5. FREECODECAMP:  is a completely free program whose goal is to make web development accessible to anyone through Various challenges, you'll learn several skills which include, Java script, html, css and many More. Click Here

6. UPSKILL: The courses are designed to take you from an absolute beginner to Advanced web developer, you'll learn this skills and techniques which include html 5, bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript,Node e.t.c. Click Here

 7. CODEACADEMY: If you want to learn how to code for Free, the last site you should consider is Codeacademy, is an interactive platform from America that offers free coding classes in 12 different languages. They offer free Courses on Java, Python, web development, C#, swift and other mark-up languages like html and CSS. Click Here

 8. MDN WEB DOCS: is a resource for Web developers, in addition to Mozilla Firefox, Google, Samsung and so on . It contribute to the documentation of sites. You'll find a large material for beginners and CSS, JavaScript, web-hosting, and lot more. It helps with informations that can help you website get published. Click Here

 9. EDX: Created by MIT in Harvard, edX is an online higher Education platform with more than 160 universities offering Courses, what's great about edX is that all the Courses are FREE but their is a fee for accessing certificate that's verified.Click Here

10. UDEMY: known for its paid courses, you can as well find tons of Free courses as well on it. You just need to visit the Price tab on the website and select Your choice of search(Paid or Free). You'll click on Free and then all Courses that free are presented to you. Click Here

11. SKILLSHARE: This is online learning platform with thousands of classes on numerous topics including web development taught by members of our broad community of experts. Click Here

Many of the top companies are no longer requiring a degree or certificate to get Hired, all you may need are the necessary skills.
Elon Musk Said: "a college degree isn't required for a Job at Tesla, Apple, Google and Netflix. They no longer require employees to have  years degree either. Bill gate, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Ellison were all college dropout"-Business insider (2020)

CS50 INTRODUCTION to computer Science is a Central Course Everyone should take before learning to code. You can Learn it on edX. Sponsored by Harvard University. This entry level course will teach you the core concept that you need to Know and get you familiar with a couple of programming languages. Click here to begin

After you've gone through the CS 50 intro, i Personally believe this will Benefit you in addition CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript from Harvard University. Click Here to Keep On Learn.

Keep Learning and Exploring.

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