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Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Products Talk: One29Apparel Fashion Academy | Digitalk World



ONE29 Apparel is a Fast Growing Business Brand with an aim to reach out to many who desire to look modest and decent In their dressing bringing Glory to God. 

At One29 Apparel "We clothe Nobles"

The Brand was coined from God's word in 1 Timothy 2:9 that talks of women adorning themselves in modest Apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety"

One29Apparel Have Awesome and Exciting Products This month to put a Smile on Your Face even as the year runs down. Patronize One29Apparel today and have a taste of What Uniqueness Simply entail. 

End of The Year Dress Package. 

Do you Plan on changing Your wardrobe for the New year or you Just want to add new dresses to your closet? We've got you covered! Instead of Sewing each dress for  ₦10,000, we will be giving you a massive discount.

₦15,000 For 2 Dresses

₦35,000 For 5 Dresses

₦60,000 For 10 Dresses

We are Interested in Your Appearance 

One29 Apparel Fashion Academy 

Invites you to 5 Months Training (3 Sessions Annually)

January - May
April - August
August - December 

Course Overview
  • Taking accurate Body measurements
  • Pattern drafting and basic freehand sewing
  • Dart manipulation
  • Garment construction and sewing techniques
  • Fabric identification and costing e.t.c
₦70,000 Class Fee. 

Early Birds (November - December)

To Register, Call or Message: 08108050339
Email -

Facebook - One29apparel
Instagram - One29apparel
Twitter -  One29apparel 

At One29Apparel "We Clothe Nobles".

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