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Monday, 16 January 2023

Products Talk: Leyi's Cuisine Valentine Package | Digitalk World


Valentine packages that you can choose from for that special person or persons in your life has finally landed💃🏽. What’s a

better gift than a gift bag containing our yummy stir fry delicacies🤤😍. 

I’m already excited about the result getting this gift bag would produce😃. Can you imagine it already? Just getting this gift bag alone would take your relationship from zero to 100!!! Yes I said so💃🏽😁.

If you are a single pringle, don’t worry these packages are also for you. Yes nawww, you have to chop the life of your head too! Na single you single, you no kill person!😜

You know I’m always for value for every naira spent here so trust me when I say these packages are value overload!!! Head over to the DM to secure your spot and make your booking ahead of the weekend in February you want it delivered!

See flyer for more details!

Reach out to Leyi's Cuisine For Your Order Through The Links Below: 

Leyi's Cuisine offers the best of healthy stir fry delicacies. You can be sure of eating right with us. We are Strictly online for now providing delivery services to clients who need our service. We offer finger licking and mouth watering dishes here. Give us the Chance to cater for that event, and you won't regret it. 


 Strictly weekend deliveries for Now

Reach out to Leyi's Cuisine For Your Order Through The Links Below: 

At Digitalk World, We Digitally Optimize Dreams.

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