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Sunday, 31 October 2021

PI Network Mining Phone Number Verification | Digitalk World

At Digitalk World, we've looked and observed the existence of this Blockchain for a while, and considered it's structure of operation and rising. It's the very first Digital Currency you can mine on your phone with ease but where

 many find it difficult and will lose out of its Structural benefits is the area of Phone number Verification.

There are many exposed to the presence and existence of PI Network more than when it existed and started it's operation in 2019.

Some users have said that when the coin launches on exchanges, expected in 2021, it may reach a value close to that of Ethereum at $200 or possibly more! This would mean if you had mined over 1000 coins on the Pi Network App, you would be sitting on a balance of $200,000 dollars.

Now, we will like to unveil to you how you can mine PI successfully without an Issue when the time for it's launch comes. 

Follow the Steps Below to Verify your number:

STEP 1: Ensure the Phone Number used during the Registration of PI Network is secure inside your phone because that's the number you'll use to Verify. Locate Profile on PI App

STEP 2: Click on Verify in front of Phone Number

STEP 3: Click on Manual Instructions if you are not from Canada or USA

STEP 4: Follow the instruction for you to send a text and ensure you send it then Confirm that you've sent it 

That's all you need to do to Verify your phone number on Pi Network so that you will not lose out on the benefits of the Network when it finally launches.


You will get 3.6 PI Coin Daily free with just one click a day. Every 24 hr it needs to be refreshed again and it is for verification that you are not Auto-computer mining. 

In Future One Pi = $10

Daily you are getting a minimum of 4 PI Coin = $40 (2925 INR) 

It is not fake content do follow my steps and you will be a millionaire when PI launches

NB: On 01 October 2021 Pi Selected and release its demo app, So Main app will be launch soon stay tune and keep mining

Will PI coin cross 100$ in 2025?

At the time of compiling, Pi coin has No Value. Pi coin value may be near 70$ in 2024 and it will fluctuate also but will gain more value ultimately. It can be near 800$ in 2026. This also depends on the market.

One Pi Coin value will be around 30 – 100 $ when it will come into the market. (PI 5 phase market opens at the end of this year) so we can all exchange our Pi into real $. Pi Test Wallet already launch for a test exchange you can also try your PI wallet (Pi Browser) Get PI Wallet/PI Browser now From Android user Playstore For IOS User App AppStore Link.

We are living in Digital Age. The pi Coin value can increase Dramatically also. So, don’t underestimate Pi Coins. Pi Network is also trying to build its own economy, and Pi Coin is getting popular day by day. Invitation code (below).


I am sending you 1π! Pi is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 23 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Joshubaba) as your invitation code.

Hope the information have been useful and helpful to you.  Don't forget to leave a comment in the comment box Below. 

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