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Sunday, 29 August 2021

8-Easy Steps To Make Money On Your Smartphone In 2022 | Digitalk World

If You have a Smartphone with privilege of access to the internet, you definitely don't need Someone Rich in your family to help your

I'm not a Pro at graphics Designs Neither am I a graphic designer but i have Business owners who pay me to design for them.

I simply do the Designs for them on Canva.

Take a Guess?
Canva is FREE to Use on Your smartphone. It also has a Paid Version( if you desire to Upgrade)

All you Just have to do is:

1. Learn How to design on Canva.

2. Post Your designs on your Social media profile.

3. Reach out to your family and Friends who have Businesses.

4. Design stuff for them for Free.

5. Get a Testimonial from them (Text and Video).

6. Reach out to Business owners and pitch to them.

7. Show them the designs you've done for other businesses and what other People are saying about your Service.

8. Make them an Offer.

If you reach out to 10 business owners in one day, by the end of one week, you must have contacted 70 business owners , and this increases Your chances of Conversion.

Oh wait a minute, and this is not just about Canva Designs. This is about Many other opportunities on the internet that you can take advantage Of, For as long as you have the privilege to Own a  Smartphone and access the internet.

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